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posted Apr 8, 2011, 7:16 AM by Rick Barter
Math: Data and Statistics graph: "graph"

We have been studying Data and Statistics in our math class. We are learning how to read and create different graphs as well as understand these terms: maximum, minimum, mode, median and range when looking at statistics.

Mrs. Hersey gave us a challenge to think of a topic to survey our classmates. Then after getting the data, we had to create a tally chart, bar graph, pie chart, and pictograph to communicate that information. Next, we created posters to display that information. We had to think up questions for each graph.

stat3: "stat3" stat5: "stat5"

Finally, we looked at each other's posters, and answered the questions on each poster. Our Data and Statistic posters are on display in the Conners School. Check them out when you are here during Student Led Conference times.stat1: "stat1" stat2: "stat2" stat4 1: "stat4 1"
Posted by Sue Hersey on 3/9/11; 12:59:02 PM from the dept.


Social Studies: Maine Geography map: "map"

We finished our Social Studies unit on Maine Geography. By being cartographers and creating several maps of our state, we learned a lot about physical regions, cities and towns, river and lakes and major mountains in Maine.

yum1: "yum1" yum2: "yum2"

To celebrate we decorated cookies that were in the shape of Maine. We referred to the maps we made and using mini-chocolate chips ( for mountains), blue icing gel ( for rivers and lakes) and small candies ( for cities) we put geographical features on our cookies.

Yummy Geography!!!!!

yum3: "yum3" yum4: "yum4" yum5: "yum5"
Posted by Sue Hersey on 2/17/11; 2:46:17 PM from the dept.


Reading: Literature Circles

We finished reading our science fiction books in literature circles. Each group created a storyboard of pictures to sequence important events in the story. We presented our posters and told our classmates of the characters, setting and plot in the books. We also commented on writing techniques we noticed the author using as well as our opinions of the book. We recommend the following science fiction titles:

Harriet's Hare Harriet: "Harriet"

Fallen Spaceman fall: "fall"

Wrinkle in Time time: "time"

The Green Book green: "green"
Posted by Sue Hersey on 2/17/11; 2:40:11 PM from the dept.


Math: Elapsed Time clock: "clock"

timeq: "timeq" timew: "timew" timee: "timee"

This week in Math Mrs. Hersey gave us a challenge to create a schedule for a museum. We had to use our knowledge and skills of elapsed time to make the schedule. We also had to make the schedule fair for preschool children to visit, school children to visit after school and for parents to come on weekends. It was a challenge to make the schedule of times fair for all.

We were surprised to see so many different solutions to the same problem.

timer: "timer"
Posted by Sue Hersey on 2/4/11; 10:18:28 AM from the dept.


Science: Life Cycle of the Salmon - Service Learning Projectsalmon: "salmon"

salz: "salz"

Mr. Charlie Kelley from the Fish Friends Program came to school this week. He brought us about 200 salmon eggs. We observed them closely and could see eyes, heart and the backbone. salx: "salx"

salc: "salc" We will keep them here at school in a special aquarium at a cold temperature until May. We will watch the eggs change into the different stages of life until they are fry. In May we will take a trip to the Union river to release them. We'll tell you all about that trip later.
Posted by Sue Hersey on 2/4/11; 10:15:11 AM from the dept.