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Science: Acadia National Park CSI

posted Sep 28, 2012, 1:46 PM by Sue Hersey   [ updated Sep 28, 2012, 1:55 PM ]
Today we had a great field trip to Acadia National Park for their Citizen Science Investigations program.  We traveled to Lakewood to learn about the salamander and dragonfly.  We participated in collecting data on the Redback Salamanders in the Lakewood area.  We went to several stations and looked under boards to observe, count and measure salamanders, noting if they were in the Red or Lead phase.  Our class observed 5 salamanders including one baby and another one that was regenerating its tail.  

After lunch, we played a game to better understand the food chain and how pesticides can harm different animals, especially how DDT has harmed the Peregrine Falcon.  Next, we went down to the water at Lakewood and learned about all the many insects that live in that habitat.  We saw several different dragonfly larvae, some crawfish and tadpoles, too.  We even got to go "frogging".  It was such a fun day and we learned a lot from Rangers Mike, Stephanie and Kate.  Science Rocks!!