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Science: Acadia National Park Program

posted Oct 25, 2013, 8:49 AM by Sue Hersey
We had a fantastic field trip to Sand Beach in Acadia National Park to learn about weathering, erosion and deposition. The program was called Sedimentary Sleuths.  It was a fabulous fall day to be in the park.

We had four stations with different activities.  We learned about topographical maps and made  a 3-D one to represent Sand Beach, Beehive Mountain and Great Head.  We climbed up part of the Great Head trail and learned about glaciers and how they shaped the land millions of years ago.


We  played games to learn about how the waves move the sand and deposit it farther up the beach.  We also discovered that the sand is mostly made up of crushed shells from erosion.

We had a wonderful day learning in the outdoor classroom.