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Science and Service Learning

posted May 19, 2011, 2:04 PM by Sue Hersey

Today we took a field trip to Amherst, Maine to release our salmon fry into the Union River.  We have been raising the salmon since the egg stage as part of the Maine Fish Friends program.  Mr. Charlie Kelley met us at the Green Lake Fish Hatchery and then we traveled to a perfect spot along the river.  We took turns releasing the fry into the fast moving water.  

 After that, we traveled back to the Green Lake Fish Hatchery to see how the salmon are raised there.  We walked up to the dam by Green Lake to see the water source for the hatchery.

Then, we went inside the hatchery to see how the salmon are raised there.  A bulletin board showed us all the stages the salmon go through at the hatchery until they are released. 


There is a room where all the eggs are kept in trays after they are fertilized.  We saw thousands of small fry in tanks where they are fed and monitored.  We also saw other tanks with larger and larger salmon.  It was a great trip and it is a good feeling to know, in some small way, we are helping this endangered specie.