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Science: Maine Energy Education Program

posted May 20, 2014, 12:19 PM by Unknown user
Today we had a guest speaker, Mr. Peter Zack, from the Maine Energy Education Program.  He was teaching us about renewable and nonrenewable energy resources.  First, we made circuits using different metals and an apple ( for the battery acid)  We tried several different combinations of two metals from zinc, copper and tin, to see which created the most energy.  We recorded the results of our experiments on a data sheet and then shared our data.  



Next, Mr. Zack taught us about how nonrenewable resources like coal, oil and natural gas are burned to make electricity.  We also learned about the pollution that process can cause. 


After that, we learned about how solar energy ( renewable resource) can produce electricity.  We used mini solar panels and a light bulb( the sun) to make a small motor turn.  Mr. Zack challenged us to find ways to slow down the motor, and we came up with change the distance from the light, angle the solar panel  and cover a few of the smaller panels.    Learning about electricity was very interesting!