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Science: Process Skills

posted Oct 17, 2012, 10:36 AM by Sue Hersey
We have been learning about science process skills that are used by real scientists in their work.  The skills we've been using are: observing, drawing scientific sketches, collecting data and analyzing that data.  Mrs. Hersey gave us each a specimen ( small pumpkin).  First, we did observation records and drew scientific sketches with labels.  Next, we collected data by measuring and weighing our specimens using the Metric System.  Then, we analyzed our data by organizing it on line plots and stem and leaf plots.  We discovered that most small pumpkins weigh about 242 grams and have a circumference of about 28 centimeters. 

Finally, just for the fun of it we had a pumpkin decorating contest.  See how creative we were!  We all got creative awards and pumpkin pencils for our effort.  Science is Fun!!