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Science: Process Skills

posted Oct 18, 2013, 10:42 AM by Sue Hersey
We are practicing the following science skills: observing, collecting and recording data, analyzing data and creating scientific sketches with labels.  Mrs. Hersey gave us each a specimen( jack-be-little pumpkins) for this work.  First, we wrote detailed observations and classified our specimens many different ways.  We learned that scientist do not use similes, but record details for size, color, shape, texture, odor, etc.  We created scientific sketches with labels. 

 Next, we collected data and recorded on a data table measurements for circumference, mass, and other details. 

 Finally, we created line plots to organize the data and see what information we found.  It was fun working like scientists and then we had more fun with a decorating contest.  Check out the pictures and see how creative we were.